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Whatever your goal, that’s our goal too.

Whether you’re looking for funds to improve your lifestyle, to help children onto the property ladder, to do up your home or even to buy another property, our specialists are perfectly positioned to help. Once you’ve paid off any existing mortgage you may have, the remaining money is yours to enjoy.

Equity Release Associates is a hand-picked collection of some of the UK’s foremost specialists in equity release, united by their commitment to finding the very best solutions for their customers. In other words: all that matters to us is doing right by you.

The best rates, guaranteed*. But what else?

Our Advisers all have the whole market at their fingertips, so there is no compromise when it comes to finding you the best product for your needs – unlike if you were to speak to an adviser who only has access to plans from a restricted range of providers. (And do be sure to ask if you go elsewhere!)

But that’s not all. As experts in the field, we’re able to help you to understand equity release – as well as any alternative options you may have – in simple terms so that you can make an informed choice.

*If you find a better rate elsewhere, we’ll send you £50 (Terms & Conditions apply)

A fast, simple service

We recognise that releasing equity is a choice that should not be rushed, and you should never be put under any pressure to make a decision.

However, once you do decide to go ahead, it’s likely that you’ll want to receive your money as promptly as possible. That’s why we’ve become experts at progressing applications quickly and thoroughly, keeping you informed at every stage.

So how does it work?

Before you can decide on whether or not to use equity release, you’ll need to speak to a qualified Adviser, by phone, video or face to face in the comfort of your home – it’s up to you. From that point on, your Adviser and our team will be by your side the whole way through.

Step 1: You and your Adviser have a no-obligation initial conversation

In this initial discussion, we’ll seek to understand what you’re looking to achieve and whether equity release is the best way of doing so. We’ll also help you to consider alternatives such as conventional mortgages, grants and downsizing.

During this stage, we’ll explain to you the impact that releasing equity is likely to have on the value of your estate and, should you qualify for state benefits, we’ll make sure you’ve understood any impact on these as well.

Step 2: Your Adviser produces a clear and comprehensive plan

If equity release is your best option, you will receive a full, written recommendation showing you all of the costs and benefits should you wish to proceed. Your advisor will schedule some time in with you to present and fully explain their recommendation.

Step 3: You instruct us to proceed and we process your application

Once you’ve decided to go ahead it can take a few weeks to process your application through to completion. Throughout this period, your Adviser and their support team will be in regular contact, updating you on progress and helping things to go smoothly.

Step 4: You receive your money

Once your case completes we’ll ensure that you’re happy and, if you are planning to make regular repayments against your equity release plan to limit the cost of interest, we’ll help you to get these set up too.

Only once you choose to go ahead and your equity release case completes does our standard fee of £1,695 become payable.

Why do you need to speak to an Adviser?

Equity release is a complex financial product and it’s really important that you understand all the features and risks so that you can make an informed decision. Our Specialists are experts in this area and can provide you with all the information and advice that you need to feel confident making your choice.

We’re authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and members of the Equity Release Council, so you can rest assured that you’re receiving the best possible service

Are you an equity release lender or introducer?

As a home finance intermediary, and a manufacturer of the advice service that we offer, Equity Release Associates Limited must comply with regulatory obligations that require us to maintain, operate, and review our service on a regular basis. To aid in conducting a fair value assessment, we have gathered information that clearly demonstrates we do not compromise the service’s fair value to customers within our target market. To view our policy, please click the following link: Fair Value Assessment